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Ten Long Years Ago...

It was almost exactly ten years ago that I was invited to make a craft-inspired cake for the American Craft Councils annual show of traveling fine art crafts, that was held at the Baltimore Convention Center.

The challenge was to create a cake, inspired by a craft at the show. Mine photographed beautifully, but I watched in grudging envy as the cupcake bakers' cards flew off the table. I had gone against my grain in my creation and chose a piece of jewelry I thought would look the least likely to transform into an edible...eschewing my usual penchant for sensual floral beauty!

However, it was a blossoming moment for me, as a beleaguered divorced mother of two who got to feel like the Belle of the Ball for a glorious weekend or two. I even got interviewed on television.

Ten years later is better than never. You can't escape destiny ;-)

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